EMSI, founded in 1996, is a small business located in El Segundo, California.  Our business consists of R&D contracts with the U.S. government and with aerospace companies.  Over 75% of our employees have either Ph.D. or M.S. degrees in engineering, physics, or mathematics.  Our staff has in excess of 200 years combined experience in innovative solutions for the aerospace and defense industries.  EMSI possesses extensive expertise in Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) image processing algorithm development, modeling and analysis of radar systems, radar systems analysis, pattern recognition technologies and classification techniques.

Key Personnel

Brian Lamb is the Founder, President and CEO of EMSI.  He received his PhD in physics from UCLA in 1982.  Brian has over 30 years of sensor experience spanning spaceborne and airborne radar simulation, radar image algorithm development, radar low observables, radar development, radar measurements, the processing of real radar data, simulation of IR sensor systems, and the development of Multiple Hypothesis Trackers.  In the early 90s he was a co-developer of a system for making diagnostic airborne radar images of the B-2 bomber.  The program was highly successful and was described by the then Secretary of the Air Force as a “national treasure”.  As head of EMSI, Brian has led the development of the company into the areas of SAR/ISAR image processing and combat identification and classification.

Stephen Hershkowitz is a senior scientist at EMSI with 29 years experience developing and automating radar signal and image processing technology for target detection, identification, tracking and engagement and for measurement of target motion dynamics.  He received his PhD in physics from Stanford University in 1986. Stephen is the co-author of three books on radar signal processing.

Ryan C. Fan is a project manager at EMSI.  He received an MS in Electrical Engineering from UCLA in 2011. Since coming to EMSI he has led a team that has developed maritime ISAR modes for the Dismount Detection Radar.  His prior experience has been in radar signal processing.

Anton Bongio Karrman is an applied mathematician and received a BS in that field from Cal Tech in 2011.  Anton has been the lead developer of new classification algorithms that have greatly impacted our efforts in combat identification.


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