COMMERCIAL PARTNERSHIPS jody talmadge June 13, 2024

High Performing AI-Based Classification

EMSI is proud to announce that it has been selected by Capella Space to join its partnership program with the intent of adding value to its maritime vessel detection product by applying its AI-powered high performing vessel classification process. Capella Space operates a small constellation of synthetic aperture radars (SARs) that have the advantage of operating during both day and night and during all weather conditions. This has significant advantages over optical sensors that cannot function during the night or overcast weather conditions; effectively eliminating 75% of possible operational time. There are many organizations currently working to apply machine learning (ML) techniques to image processing. EMSI leverages decades of experience with SAR phenomenology, fuses this with state of the art ML techniques to achieve results that consistently exceed US Department of Defense and Intelligence Community requirements. We are now bringing this expertise to the commercial world to deliver unparalleled insights in supply chain analysis, tracking macro-economic indicators and monitoring patterns of life. We provide critical information about vessels moving to and from ports, across choke points and through exclusive economic zones.

At the port of Barcelona, we can zoom in to see an oil tanker tied up near what clearly looks like an oil storage site.

As an example we show the port of Barcelona, where different classes of ships such as oil tankers, bulk cargo carriers and container ships are clearly identified. 

Ships that are tied up at a pier have very little motion, so they are the easiest ships to classify. Ships that are moored are free to move and movement in a radar image can cause blurring. Ships underway in the open ocean can be both blurred and appear shifted in space and present the greatest challenge. EMSI’s radar expertise has been employed to handle both of these cases. The figure above shows a sample of ships both moored and at pier in Long Beach Harbor.


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